4065 Memorial Drive C2
Decatur, GA 30032
1(888) 606-2699

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1. During what hours are your pickup and delivery services available? Mondays through Friday, 8:00 am - 7:00 pm

2. How long does our laundry service take? Same day turnaround is likely if dropped off before 11 AM. 1 day business turnaround for pickup and delivery. 

3. Does Cozy Clean Laundry service handle commercial accounts? Yes. We will pickup laundry right from your office or place of business on a regularly scheduled basis. 

4. Why do commercial clients choose Cozy Clean Laundry? By utilizing Cozy Clean Laundry, commercial clients can concentrate on other aspects of their businesses rather then dealing with day to day laundry issues. In return, they are more productive / cost efficient for their organizations.

5. Will my information be private and safe? Yes. We make every effort to protect your information.We use your private information to only process your order.

6. I have sensitive skin and use a special detergent, can Cozy Clean Laundry do my laundry?
Cozy Clean Laundry is happy to use any detergent you like. Send your detergent along with your laundry and we will return any unused portion back to you with your clean laundry. Please make sure to place the detergent in a plastic bag so none seeps on your clothes. 

7. How do I pay? We accept Credit and Debit cards. All major cards are accepted.

8. Do I have to be home? You do not have to be home for pick up or delivery. Simply specify where you will be leaving your laundry (example: On the back porch or at the concierge desk) and we will pick up and drop off at this location.